How to use i4 100-02196 and i3 100-02198?

The two beacons begin to broadcast information once the plastic chip is pulled out.
The black one, i4, if its window is blocked broadcast 0 to indicate it's not removed from the asset. It report 1 if the window is exposed to light.

The white one, i3, reports angular velocity when it's moved.
Below is how to calculate the parameters.
0101 -> (01 01),0X01(1) + 0X01(1)/255=1+1/255=1.003g
0229 -> (02 29),0X02(2) + 0X29(41)/255=2+41/255=2.160g (Decimal 41= 0X29 )
FF01 -> (FF 01),0XFF(-1) + 0X01(1)/255=-1+(1/255)=0.996g
FF29 -> (FF 29),0XFF(-1) + 0X29(41)/255=-1+(41/255)=-0.8392g
E29 -> (FE 29),0XFE(-2) + 0X29(41)/255=-2+(41/255)=-1.8392g