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Product Procedure

Product Procedure

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1 | Requirement Analysis

1. What kind of place it is, factory, campus or a small city?
2. Who will be wearing the badges, or where is the tracker going to be deployed?
3. Are both indoor and outdoor tracking needed?
4. How large is the area to be covered by LoRa?
5. How many LoRa devices will be running in this area eventually?
6. What is the reasonable accuracy requirements, centimeter-level, meter-level, or presence level?
7. Are you going to develop your own map?

2 | Solution Proposal & Selection

Lansitec presents various options for different projects. The question above help figure out a better solution. Tracker, Bluetooth gateways, and Bluetooth beacon selection and deployment may differ among different cases.
Please refer to the solution page or feel free to contact us for the whitepaper of our solution or a con-call to discuss your use case.

3 | API Connection & Training

We provide datasheets for customers to communicate with our hardware products directly. Furthermore, we have API for customers to use our algorithm and interfaces. They will help control the hardware to expedite your development so that you can focus on the service of the industry. Please refer to the service page and the API document for more detailed information.

4 | Hardware Installation

We support on-site installation, or we can show you how to install them by yourself. They are essentially simple to use and maintain.

5 | Software Development & Rollout

We can help review your function with our experience and expertise in the industry on hundreds of projects.

6 | Training & Support

We provide training and support not only during POC development but also after project rollout. We offer continuous support to debug issues and analyze customer needs to guide you with new and useful functions.