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IoT Tracking Solutions for Streamlined Operations

Elevate Efficiency and Accuracy, Enhance Visibility of Assets and Personnel

B-Fixed® Solution

Our advanced B-Fixed (Beacon Fixed) solution uses smart Bluetooth trackers and triangulation algorithms to pinpoint asset locations precisely in real time. Beacons are deployed at fixed locations on walls and pillars. Trackers attached to containers, vehicles, other valuables and personnel transmit beacon data to the APP. Advanced analytics generate accurate indoor and outdoor tracking, revolutionizing logistics and security.

indoor asset tracking solutions
IoT tracking solutions

B-Mobile® Solution

Transform asset tracking with B-Mobile (Beacon Mobile), the Bluetooth-based solution from Lansitec. Just attach our long-life beacons to assets – no wiring required! Our clever gateways pick up signals site-wide, feeding data to reveal proximity, location analytics and sensor status. Scalable, flexible, and cost-effective, B-Mobile brings next-gen tracking indoors and out.

IoT tracking solutions

Solution Comparison




Tracking Devices

Bluetooth beacons are installed in fixed locations.
Trackers worn by people or on assets transmit beacon info or GNSS coordinates.

Bluetooth beacons are worn by people or attached to assets.
Bluetooth gateway are installed in fixed locations.

Transmitting Devices

LoRaWAN, NB-IoT/LTE-M or Cat-1 trackers

Bluetooth gateways forward beacon info to LoRaWAN gateways, or operators’ base stations.

Tracking Approach

Calculates asset/person location based on info transmitted from the tracker

Calculates asset/person location based on beacon info received by gateways

Usage Costs

Recharge or replace batteries in trackers

Replace beacons when the battery drains

Tracking Range

Bluetooth and GNSS for indoor and outdoor tracking

Bluetooth only, indoor and outdoor 

Access Capability

There is no limit on trackers receiving beacon info

Gateways access up to 400 beacons

Typical Applications 

High-value asset tracking in construction sites, factories and offices.

People tracking, low-cost asset tracking in parking lots and hospitals
Bluetooth sensor data transfer

Location Accuracy

Proximity, room level or 3 meters with triangulation

Proximity, room-level location
Or up to 10cm with Angel of Arrival gateway.


Trackers use rechargeable or replaceable batteries. Have lower battery life

Beacons up to 10-year battery life


Good for moving assets and people

Good for moving assets/people

See the IoT Tracking Solution in Action

We will guide you through every stage – from initial analysis to rollout and beyond. Our experienced team supports requirement gathering, solution design, hardware installation, software development, training, and customization. We will work closely with you to execute your tracking technology project, turning concepts into realities.