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Contact Tracing Solution

It is important to keep social distance between co-workers sometimes, for people under quarantine, control or protection.

The solution is suitable for the following scenarios:
Power plant: keep safe distance between workers and particular facilities, overview of personnel
Automobile plant: indoor worker tracking with badges, proximity detection and alert
Mining: control the flow of workers, keep safe distance between workers, vehicle
approaching alert
Chemical factories: indoor worker tracking with badges, proximity detection and alert

System Functions

Proximity Alert

The tracker beeps when its distance to another tracker is less than 3 meters.

Proximity History

The system keeps a record of the duration and the location when two or more people have been contacted.

Field Sensing

Check-in & Check-out
Security Check

User Friendly

Easy to install
Private network

Contact Tracing Badge

Lansitec Contact Tracing Badge is designed based on Bluetooth 5.0 and LoRa technology. It uses RSSI for distance measurement and Contact Tracing. The badge is mainly used for keep social distance in work place or hospital.

Proximity detection function: the badge beeps when other badges approach. The badge can use vibration and sound to alert the user even without LoRa network. NFC function is also integrated in the badge to facilitate management.