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Transform Your Indoor Spaces with IoT-powered Tracking

Accurate Real-time Visibility and Analytics for Optimized Efficiency


Real-time location visibility and mapping


Geofencing and proximity alerts


Reports and business intelligence integrations


Future-proof scalable architecture

Indoor tracking provides value by enabling businesses to locate critical assets, monitor workflows, and analyze usage patterns in indoor environments where GPS is ineffective. Our proprietary wireless sensors and gateways use various technologies to provide precise tracking, zone-based alerts, and rich analytics.

Some Common Pain Points that Businesses Face

Inventory Inaccuracies

Manual inventory counting practices and a lack of real-time visibility into asset locations frequently lead to incorrect counts. This results in an inability to find assets when needed, inventory record inaccuracies, and significant financial losses from inventory shrinkage.

Track Far and Wide With LoRaWAN

Some Common Pain Points that Businesses Face

Our real-time inventory management solution provides immediate item-level visibility and movement alerts to eliminate losses from misplaced assets. Customized inventory analytics offer insights to optimize count accuracy, locations, and replenishment.

Process Inefficiencies

Inventory Inaccuracies

Difficulty locating critical assets hampers workflow efficiency, as staff waste productive time searching for the items they need. This leads to process delays, lagging cycle times, non-optimized production flows, and millions in losses annually across industries.

Automated Workflow Optimization

Some Common Pain Points that Businesses Face

Our solution intelligently identifies process bottlenecks and waste by mapping asset flows and monitoring cycle times. This allows organizations to achieve 20%+ efficiency gains from workflow redesigns and optimized production planning.

Staff Utilization Issues

Inventory Inaccuracies

Without visibility into real-time staff movements and asset usage, organizations struggle to quantify inefficiencies and utilization rates. This results in suboptimal labor scheduling, poor workload balancing, inflated payroll costs from overstaffing, and an inability to enhance team productivity.

Utilization Reporting for Maximized Productivity

Some Common Pain Points that Businesses Face

Our customizable utilization dashboards quantify usage rates for assets and labor. This allows for fact-based scheduling, balanced workloads, right-sized teams, and tailored strategies targeting 15-30% productivity gains based on transformed practices.