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B-Mobile® Tracking Solution

B-Mobile® Tracking Solution
Real-time Check in

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Helmet Wearing Detection


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Fall Detection


Motion Sensing

Lansitec B-Mobile (Beacon Mobile) solution’s core product, LoRa Bluetooth Gateway, combines Bluetooth 5.0 (BLE mode) and LoRaWAN technology. The Bluetooth gateway collects Bluetooth beacon messages from nearby devices, processes the data, and sends them to the LoRaWAN gateway. In this solution, Beacons are mobile and attached to people or assets, and Bluetooth gateways are deployed at fixed locations.

The Bluetooth gateways support up to 100 beacons. The Bluetooth receiving duration and the LoRa report interval are adjustable through downlink commands. Since LoRaWAN has a limited byte for each message, you can filter and select the data you want the gateway to transmit.

The B-Mobile solution is a versatile product series that optimizes power efficiency, deployment flexibility, and performance. It can be used for asset tracking, personnel management, and Bluetooth data transmission. Some of its potential applications are:

  1. Estimating the number of assets within a defined spatial region.
  2. Transmitting a Bluetooth sensor’s message to the cloud via LoRaWAN, especially in outdoor or large indoor environments.
  3. Measuring the occupancy level of a room.
  1. Monitoring the temperature variation in a supermarket refrigeration unit.
  2. Lost and found.


Vehicle tracker in a parking lot
Product: Indoor Bluetooth Gateway, Compact Bluetooth Gateway, Solar Bluetooth Gateway
Attach a Bluetooth beacon or tag to a car or car key.
Deploy the indoor and compact Bluetooth gateways indoor on the ceiling or the wall.
Deploy the solar one on a pole towards the sun.

The Bluetooth gateways receive the data, ID (Major and Minor), and RSSI from the beacons or tags and transmit them to a LoRaWAN gateway, which then sends them to a LoRaWAN network server (NS). The NS forwards this information to your APP. Since the coordinates of the Bluetooth gateways are known during the deployment, the APP can determine the location of the beacons or tags based on the data, ID, and RSSI received from them. This way, the gateway enables the customers or your employee to track the location of a car and car key in real-time, enhancing management efficiency and customer experience.

The compact Bluetooth gateway features a built-in 600mAh rechargeable battery and can operate during power outages.
The solar Bluetooth gateway can work continuously without any external power supply. It is an ideal product for outdoor environments with no power connection.

Data transfer for monitoring.
Bluetooth sensors can measure various parameters, such as temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, etc. You can configure the filter data and useful data through downlink commands so that the gateway only transmits temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, ID, and RSSI. Some typical applications are:

  1. Sensor care center and hospital Bluetooth equipment monitoring.
  2. Temperature monitoring in supermarkets or warehouses.
  3. Temperature monitoring in concrete or steak cooking.
  4. Occupancy detection in a room


Asset tracking in a hospital, warehouse, and office
Product: Indoor Bluetooth Gateway, Compact Bluetooth Gateway, Macro Bluetooth Gateway
The deployment and data flow are similar to the parking lot use case. You just need to attach a beacon to an asset and assign a Bluetooth tag to a patient or worker.

In situations with no power outlet, even indoors, the Macro Bluetooth gateway with a built-in 38,000mAh battery pack is your best choice. It can operate for 7 years @ 3s Bluetooth receiving duration and 5 minutes LoRa report interval with 12 beacon’s data.

Headcount in classrooms & offices
In this case, you can install an indoor or compact Bluetooth gateway in each room, then assign a Bluetooth tag to each person. The Bluetooth gateway will transmit all beacons/tags in the room so that you can track the occupancy of the room. You can also monitor how long a person or an asset stays in a specific area.

Lost and found
You can use a battery-powered Bluetooth gateway (compact, Macro or solar) to find lost assets in an office or warehouse. To do this, turn on Bluetooth receiving all the time and walk around the area. The gateway will report all nearby asset beacons to the server to help you locate the lost one. 

Data Flow


Deploy Bluetooth
Gateways indoors


Beacon sends UUID, major,
minor, etc. periodically. The
maximum transmit
distance is 50m.


Bluetooth gateway receives beacon information and forwards it to LoRa gateway. Transmit distance is longer than 1km.


The server calculates the coordinate and displays it in the APP.

Use Cases