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Helmet Sensor



Bluetooth, LoRaWAN, and GNSS

Lansitec Helmet Sensor is designed based on GNSS, Bluetooth5.0 and LoRa technology. It supports indoor and outdoor tracking. It supports various features which contribute to easy management in industrial settings.
Its built-in 3-axis accelerator could be used for determining the motion status of the terminal. Therefore, it can help save battery and enhance user experience.

Helmet Sensor

Helmet Sensor

IP68 Protection
Simple Installation


Sensing Ability

Wear detection, Fall detection and alarm, Step count, G-sensor and Gyroscope for gesture recognition

Accurate Positioning

Bluetooth indoor positioning based on motion sensing, Flexible GNSS tracking based on motion sensing, 10cm accuracy altitude measurement

Alarm Function

earch and rescue mode with alarm, Panic alarm, Notification and alarm trigger when approaching a predefined zone or object

Simple Installation

Suitable for various of hardhats and helmets, Magnetic charging port


Parameter Specifications
Bluetooth TX Power -20 to +4 dBm TX power, configurable in 4dB steps
Bluetooth Sensitivity -96dBm
Indoor Positioning Accuracy 3m
LoRaWAN Protocol LoRaWAN 1.0.2B, Class A
Activation Mode OTAA or ABP
LoRa TX power 0 to 20dBm
LoRaWAN Band US915, AU915, AS923, EU868, CN470, RU864, KR920, IN865
LoRa Distance > 1km in urban area
Encryption AES128
GPS Band 1575 to 1610MHz
GPS Precision 2.5m accuracy
GPS Cold Start Duration 30 to 60 seconds
Battery Li-ion, 1000mAh
GPS (report interval >10min) Approx. 5,000 times
Bluetooth positioning Approx. 160,000 times
Dimension 80*80*35mm
Operating Temperature -10°C~+60°C
Charging Temperature 0°C~+50°C
Weight 90g
G-sensor Support
Housing Material PC
Ingress Protection IP68
Impact Protection IK10
Standby Current 25μA
Maximum Current 145mA
G-sensor Support
Gyroscope Support
Barometer Support, 10cm altitude accuracy
PCB Coating Water proof coating
Position Report Interval 5s x n (1 to 65536)
Heartbeat Report Interval 30s x n (1 to 65536)
Switch Touch button
Tamper Detection Support
FOTA over Bluetooth Support
Battery Level Report Support
Proximity Detection Support
Certification CE, FCC, ATEX

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