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Visitor Management with Smart Helmet using IoT

Visitor Management with Smart Helmet using IoT

Facilities such as power plants, mining operations, meaning not only construction sites often require visitors to wear safety helmets. Lansitec’s solutions streamline visitor management by integrating helmet sensors with Bluetooth and LoRaWAN technologies. These sensors ensure that all visitors are wearing helmets and enable real-time location tracking within the premises. This system is invaluable for enhancing compliance with safety regulations and facilitating quick response during any security or safety incidents.

Helmet Tracker Sensor for Construction Site Employee Tracking
  • Implementation: Visitors are provided with helmets equipped with the Lansitec Helmet Sensor as they enter the site.
  • Mobility Tracking: Mobile Bluetooth gateways installed at strategic points (like entry points or critical areas) capture data from the helmet sensors as visitors move around.
  • Advantages: This setup allows for real-time location tracking of visitors, ensuring they remain within safe and authorized areas. It’s particularly useful in large or complex sites where visitors might not be accompanied at all times.
  • Disadvantages: The dependency on mobile gateways means the coverage must be extensively managed to avoid blind spots, which can be a challenge in uneven or sprawling sites.
  • Implementation: Fixed beacons are placed throughout the site, and each visitor’s helmet picks up signals from these beacons to ascertain their location.
  • Zone Compliance: This setup is highly effective for ensuring visitors do not enter restricted areas, with immediate alerts if a breach occurs.
  • Advantages: Offers high precision and is less susceptible to signal interference, making it ideal for highly regulated or hazardous environments.
  • Disadvantages: The need for extensive infrastructure setup for full coverage can be costly and less adaptable to temporary or changing site layouts.