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What specific features of the
B003 Bluetooth Beacon make it
suitable for tracking cleaning staff

IoT Case Study

Mini Smart Bluetooth Tracker Beacon Tag

Introducing Lansitec® B003 Bluetooth Beacon

The B003 Bluetooth Beacon from Lansitec does not actually have GPS tracking capabilities.
It is a Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) device that uses the iBeacon protocol to enable tracking within
Bluetooth range.

However, it does offer some useful safety features for hotel and mall cleaners:

SoS Button:
The B003 has an SOS button that cleaners can press in case of an emergency. This triggers an alert that is sent to administrators or supervisors along with the cleaner’s location by communicating with our LoRaWAN Bluetooth gateway or NB-IoT/LTE-M Bluetooth gateway. Help can then be promptly dispatched to their location.

Restricted Area Alerts:
The B003 can be programmed with virtual perimeters around restricted zones like pools, storage rooms, or offices in hotels and malls. If a cleaner inadvertently enters these areas, the device will buzz to alert them that they have entered an unauthorized zone and will send a message to the Bluetooth gateway and then the server. This enhances security by preventing accidental trespassing.

Real-Time Tracking:
While not using GPS, the B003 allows real-time tracking of cleaners’ locations within the Bluetooth range using Bluetooth gateways installed on the premises. Supervisors can monitor their staff’s movements and locations to ensure adequate coverage and respond quickly if assistance is needed in a particular area.

Lone Worker Safety:
The ability to track cleaner locations and receive SOS alerts is especially useful for ensuring the safety of lone workers cleaning isolated areas of hotels or malls during off-hours.

In Conclusion

While the B003 lacks GPS tracking, its SOS Button, Restricted Area Alerts, and Bluetooth-Based Location Tracking provide valuable safety and security features for managing cleaning staff in environments like hotels and malls.

Please download our brief solution introduction using the links below to understand how to deploy the solution: