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Lansitec Launches SocketSync Bluetooth Gateway for Enhanced Connectivity

Lansitec Launches SocketSync Bluetooth Gateway for Enhanced Connectivity

Nanjing Jiangsu – June 18, 2024Lansitec Technology, a leading IoT people and asset tracking solution provider, is excited to announce the launch of its innovative SocketSync Bluetooth Gateway. This advanced device leverages cutting-edge BLE and LoRa technology to deliver unparalleled indoor tracking and communication capabilities, ensuring robust performance and reliability in diverse environments.

Introducing the SocketSync Bluetooth Gateway

The Lansitec SocketSync Bluetooth Gateway is a perfect addition to any tracking solution. It is a LoRaWAN gateway device designed for seamless communication and tracking. It features advanced functionalities that enhance connectivity and user experience, making it an essential tool for efficient asset management and monitoring.

Key Features:

  • Advanced Communication:
    • Combines BLE and LoRa technology for efficient data transmission
    • Receives and reports BLE device messages to the LoRaWAN gateway
  • Accurate Tracking:
    • Supports indoor tracking and geo-fencing for precise location monitoring
  • Customizable Settings:
    • Adjustable parameters such as heartbeat period, LoRaWAN work mode, and sensor data payload
    • Configurable Bluetooth payload to suit various application requirements
  • Efficient Power Management:
    • Low power consumption with Bluetooth 5.0 long-distance capabilities
    • Built-in rechargeable battery for continuous operation
  • Simple Installation:
    • Easy to install with robust design and reliable performance

Technical Specifications:

  • Bluetooth:
    • Bluetooth 5.0 with long-distance, low-power consumption
    • TX Power: 4, 0, -4, -8, -12, -16, -20 dBm
    • Sensitivity: -96 dBm
    • Receiving Range: 150 m
  • LoRaWAN:
    • LoRa TX Power: up to 20 dBm
    • Communication Distance: >1.5 km in urban areas
    • Encryption: AES128
  • Mechanics:
    • Dimensions: 81x61x26 mm (45 mm with mounting lug)
    • Housing Material: ABS with fire retardant
    • Waterproof Level: IP67
  • Power:
    • AC Input: 85~305 V AC
    • Battery: Li-ion rechargeable battery, 300 mAh

Customer Benefits

Lansitec’s SocketSync Bluetooth Gateway provides tailored solutions to enhance connectivity and tracking in various environments. Key benefits include:

  • Seamless Data Transmission: Combines BLE and LoRa technology to ensure efficient and reliable communication between devices and gateways.
  • Enhanced Tracking Capabilities: Supports accurate indoor tracking and geo-fencing, enabling precise monitoring of assets and personnel.
  • Customizable and Flexible: Adjustable settings allow users to tailor the device’s operation to their specific needs, enhancing versatility and functionality.
  • Energy Efficient: Designed for low power consumption, extending operational life and reducing maintenance needs.

Easy Deployment: Simple installation process and robust design ensure quick and reliable setup in diverse environments.

About Lansitec Technology

Founded in 2015, Lansitec Technology is dedicated to providing innovative IoT solutions for people and asset tracking. Based in Nanjing Jiangsu, Lansitec specializes in integrating the latest BLE technology to offer seamless indoor and outdoor positioning services. With a comprehensive suite of hardware, software, and data analysis tools, Lansitec serves a diverse range of industries including construction, mining, healthcare, and logistics.

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