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IoT Case Studies

Optimizing Disaster Response​

 Theoretical Insights into Lansitec’s Helmet Sensor Advancements for Enhanced First Responder Coordination and Efficiency

Enhancing Container Tracking Efficiency with Lansitec LoRaWAN

Indonesia, with its extensive network of islands, relies heavily on container transportation for trade, commerce, and logistics. Ensuring efficient and secure movement of containers between islands is crucial for the country’s economic growth.

Lansitec B-Mobile Solution for Document Management

Our client, a prominent member of the “Big 4” accounting and consulting firms, handles a vast volume of critical documents daily. Managing these documents efficiently, ensuring their security, and Tracking their Real-Time Location are essential for streamlined operations and compliance.

Improving Elderly Care in Assisted Living Facilities with Lansitec Bluetooth Bracelet

Elderly care within assisted living facilities is confronted with multifaceted challenges that require diligent attention and innovative solutions. One of the primary concerns is ensuring the continuous well-being and safety of residents, particularly given the varied health conditions and mobility limitations that may be present.