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Contact Tracing Badge



Bluetooth, and LoRaWAN

Lansitec contact tracing badge is designed based on Bluetooth 5.0 and LoRa technology. It uses RSSI for distance measurement and contact tracing. The badge is mainly used for keep social distance in work place or hospital and is especially useful during COVID-19.

Proximity detection function: the badge beeps when other badges approach. The badge can use vibration and sound to alert the user even without LoRa network. NFC function is also integrated in the badge to facilitate management.

Contact Tracing Badge

Contact Tracing Badge

Compact Design


Contact Tracing

Proximity detection, accuracy 2~3m Indoor tracking Distance adjustable


Multiple auto-configuration modes
Multiple contact history report mode

Friend Feature

Add your friend/colleagues to the group to avoid noise inteference

Easy Management

FOTA with Bluetooth NFC for easy management


Parameter Specifications
Indoor Tracking Bluetooth, 2~3m accuracy
Protocol LoRaWAN1.0.2B/ Bluetooth 5.0
LoRa Frequency US915, AU915, EU868, EU433, AS920-923, AS923-925, RU864, ID920,
KR920, IN865, KZ865, CLAA, CN470, CN470-Ali
LoRa Sensitivity -139dBm @SF12, BW125kHz, 434MHz/470MHz
-137dBm @SF12, BW125kHz, 868MHz/915MHz
LoRa Distance > 1km in urban area
Bluetooth Distance ~25m sight distance
Operating Current 20μA ~139mA
Encryption AES128
Proximity Detection Supported, 2 meters by default. Distance is adjustable through commands.
Buzzer 75dB
Vibrator Supported
Vibrator Mechanical Noise <50dB< /td>
NFC Supported
Low Battery Alert Supported
Power Supply 600mAh rechargeable battery
Charge Jack Micro USB
Battery Life 100 hours
Operating Temperature -10℃~+60℃
Storage Temperature -20℃~+80℃
Dimension 97 × 62 × 7mm
Certifications CE, FCC, RCM, UN38.3
Bluetooth FOTA Win10, Android, iOS
Decoder On-line decoder and decoder source code to expedite the development

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