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In-Depth Review of
Lansitec Contact Tracing Badge

In an era where maintaining social distance has become critical, the Lansitec Contact Tracing Badge emerges as a sophisticated solution designed to enhance safety in workplaces and healthcare settings. This review delves into the badge’s innovative use of Bluetooth 5.0 and LoRa technology, offering a glimpse into its potential to revolutionize contact tracing during health crises like COVID-19.

Contact Tracing Badge Overview

The Lansitec Contact Tracing Badge is not just a wearable device; it’s a comprehensive tool designed to ensure safety and facilitate effective management in densely populated settings. Engineered with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 and LoRa technology, it stands out for its ability to accurately measure distances between individuals using RSSI, thereby enabling precise contact tracing and proximity detection. The badge’s functionality extends beyond simple alert systems, incorporating features like NFC for seamless management, customizable contact history reporting, and a “Friend Feature” to minimize disruptions among colleagues. Its robust build is complemented by a set of technical specifications that promise over 1 km of communication range in urban areas, exceptional battery life, and encryption protocols to secure user data. This overview aims to highlight the badge’s multifaceted capabilities and its potential to serve as a critical tool in maintaining health protocols in various settings.

Key Features

Proximity Detection and Accuracy
The badge leverages Bluetooth 5.0 and LoRa technology for proximity detection with an accuracy of 2 to 3 meters, ideal for Indoor Tracking. It alerts users through vibrations or sounds when another badge is within a pre-set distance, enhancing social distancing efforts.

Customization and Management
Features multiple auto-configuration and contact history report modes, allowing for tailored usage according to workplace needs. NFC integration facilitates easy management of devices, while the “Friend Feature” reduces unnecessary alerts among colleagues by creating groups.

Advanced Connectivity and Security
Supports a broad range of LoRaWAN bands, ensuring wide applicability across different regions. The badge boasts impressive connectivity distances, exceeding 1km in urban areas, complemented by AES128 encryption for secure data transmission.

Durability and User-Friendly Design
Designed with a rechargeable 600mAh Battery, it offers up to 100 hours of standby time. The badge is equipped with a buzzer and vibrator for alerts, maintaining a low mechanical noise below 50dB. It’s built to withstand diverse environmental conditions, from -10°C to +60°C operating temperatures.

Comprehensive Support and Certification
Includes Bluetooth FOTA (Firmware Over The Air) for seamless updates across Windows 10, Android, and iOS devices. The badge is certified by CE, FCC, RCM, and UN38.3, ensuring compliance with international standards for safety and reliability.

Technical Specifications

Bluetooth Protocol:
Utilizes Bluetooth 5.0 for high-speed, reliable connectivity, ensuring efficient proximity detection and Contact Tracing within approximately 25 m sight distance.

LoRaWAN Protocol and Band:
The badge supports LoRaWAN 1.0.2B, compatible with a wide range of bands including US915, EU868, and more, offering flexibility across global regions.

LoRa Distance and Sensitivity:
Achieves over 1km range in urban areas with sensitivity levels of -139 dBm at SF12, BW125 kHz, showcasing exceptional reach and data accuracy.

Indoor Tracking Accuracy:
Employs Bluetooth technology to provide 2~3 m accuracy for indoor tracking, optimizing the efficacy of social distancing measures.

Secured with AES128 encryption, it ensures data privacy and protection against unauthorized access.

Battery and Charging:
Features a 600mAh rechargeable battery with a standby time of 100 hours, supporting sustainable operation throughout extensive use periods.

Physical Attributes:
The badge’s compact dimensions (97x6x27 mm) and lightweight design (28 g) enhance user comfort and wearability, designed to perform in varied environmental conditions ranging from -10°C to +60°C.

Complies with CE, FCC, RCM, and UN38.3 standards, affirming its quality and safety for use in various settingsC

Contact Tracing Badge Use Cases

The Lansitec Contact Tracing Badge has a broad spectrum of use cases, primarily in environments where maintaining social distance is paramount. 

Workplaces: Enhances employee safety by monitoring proximity and managing interactions, facilitating a healthier work environment.
Healthcare Settings: Limits the spread of infections by Tracking Staff and Patient Interactions, crucial for maintaining health protocols.
Educational Institutions: Assists in crowd management and social distancing among students and staff, promoting safer learning spaces.
Public Events: Enables organizers to oversee crowd density and maintain safe distances, essential for the health safety of attendees.
Customized Operations: Offers adjustable settings for specific organizational needs, from reducing disturbances to aiding in efficient emergency response.

User Experience

The Lansitec Contact Tracing Badge offers an intuitive and streamlined user experience, designed with both tech-savvy and non-technical users in mind. Its simple setup process, combined with the ease of managing settings via NFC or Bluetooth FOTA, ensures that users can quickly adapt to its functionalities. Feedback from users highlights the comfort and unobtrusiveness of wearing the badge throughout the day, with the adjustable proximity alerts being particularly appreciated for maintaining social distance without constant monitoring. The reliability of alerts and the peace of mind it brings to workplaces and public spaces have been underscored as key benefits.


Advanced Technology: Utilizes Bluetooth 5.0 and LoRaWAN for precise proximity detection and wide coverage.

Customizable Alerts: Offers vibration and sound alerts for proximity detection, enhancing user awareness.

High Security: Features AES128 encryption, ensuring data protection and user privacy.

Wide Application Range: Suitable for use in various settings, including workplaces, healthcare facilities, and public events.

Easy Management: Integration of NFC and Bluetooth FOTA for straightforward device management and updates.


Dependence on User Compliance: Effectiveness relies on consistent use by individuals within a community or organization.

Battery Life: While the battery is robust, regular recharging is necessary, which could be a logistical challenge in large-scale deployments.

Environmental Limitations: Performance can vary based on environmental factors, potentially affecting indoor tracking accuracy.
Initial Setup and Management: Requires initial setup and periodic management, which may require dedicated resources or personnel.

Cost: Implementation at a large scale could represent a significant investment for some organizations.


The Lansitec Contact Tracing Badge represents opportunity of ensuring workplace and public safety through innovative use of Bluetooth and LoRaWAN technologies. Its blend of precise proximity detection, customizable features, and robust security protocols offers a comprehensive solution for managing social distancing and contact tracing challenges. 

For organizations looking to enhance their safety measures or individuals interested in the latest in contact tracing technology, exploring the Lansitec Contact Tracing Badge is a step towards a safer, more connected future. Dive deeper into how this technology can benefit your operations or community by contacting us via the form below for more information.

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