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Bluetooth Tracking Sticker Label:
Practicality in Tracking

In today’s fast-paced and interconnected world, efficient tracking and management of assets can significantly enhance operational efficiencies across various industries. The Bluetooth Tracking Sticker Label by Lansitec promises to offer a solution to these challenges with its advanced Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology and versatile design. This review delves into the features, applications, and practical performance of the B002 Bluetooth Label, a device that adheres to the iBeacon protocol and aims to simplify asset, inventory, and personal item tracking. Whether in hospitals, warehouses, libraries, or personal spaces, the B002 is designed to bring a new level of ease and precision to tracking tasks. Let’s explore how this innovative label could be the tracking solution you’ve been looking for.

Bluetooth Tracking Sticker Label Key Features

Design and Build Quality

The B002 Bluetooth Label by Lansitec is an exemplar of modern tracking technology with its sleek, ultra-thin design that makes it extremely versatile for multiple applications. At just 1.5 mm to 2.5 mm thick and weighing a mere 10 g, this label can be discreetly attached to a variety of items using double-sided adhesive, ranging from hospital equipment to personal items like wallets. The device’s PVC material offers durability while maintaining a light weight, and its default blue color is customizable, which could be particularly useful for organizational or branding purposes.

Technical Specifications and Performance

Equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 and supporting the iBeacon protocol, the B002 boasts a substantial transmission distance of up to 120 meters in clear sight, which is impressive for its size. The flexibility in its advertisement interval (ranging from 100 ms to 10 seconds) and the optional features such as movement-based advertising and battery level reporting enhance its functionality. The device operates on a non-replaceable Li-MnO2 battery, which promises a long battery life of up to three years at a 5-second advertisement interval, assuming the accelerometer is not in use. This makes it a low-maintenance choice for long-term deployments.

Applications and Usefulness Bluetooth Label

The B002 Bluetooth Label by Lansitec is designed to serve a wide range of applications across different industries, leveraging its unique features to address specific tracking and management needs. Below, I’ll expand on several use cases where this product proves valuable, highlighting how its features contribute to solving common problems in these areas:

Hospital Asset Management

Hospital Asset Management

Problem: Hospitals often struggle with tracking the location and status of critical medical equipment, leading to inefficiencies and delays in patient care.

Solution: The B002 Bluetooth Label can be attached to medical equipment such as wheelchairs, monitors, and portable medical devices. With its long transmission range and flexible advertisement intervals, hospital staff can easily locate and manage these assets in real-time, ensuring that equipment is always available when needed. The optional battery level reporting feature also alerts staff when devices need maintenance, improving asset reliability.

Warehouse Inventory Tracking

Problem: Warehouses need to maintain real-time visibility of inventory to manage stock levels effectively and prevent losses. 

Solution: By affixing the B002 labels to inventory items or storage bins, warehouse managers can utilize Bluetooth gateways to monitor the location and movement of goods. The movement-based advertising feature triggers updates when items are moved, helping to update inventory records automatically and ensuring accurate stock levels are maintained.

Warehouse Inventory Tracking​

File Management in Libraries

File Management in Libraries

Problem: Libraries manage thousands of books and documents, which can be difficult to organize and retrieve efficiently. 

Solution: Implementing the B002 Bluetooth Labels on library items enables librarians to track the whereabouts of books and documents. The compact and thin design of the labels means they can be attached even to small or thin items like documents without causing disruption. The configurable advertisement intervals allow for adjustments based on the specific layout and size of the library, facilitating quick location and retrieval of items.

Personal Item Tracking

Problem: Individuals often misplace or lose personal items such as wallets, keys, or electronic devices, leading to inconvenience and potential security risks. 

Solution: The super thin and compact design of the B002 makes it ideal for attaching to personal items. Users can track their belongings through a smartphone app linked to the iBeacon protocol, receiving notifications if their items move unexpectedly, thanks to the accelerometer-triggered advertisements.

Personal Item Tracking​

Equipment Tracking in Construction Sites

Equipment Tracking in Construction Sites

Problem: Construction sites often feature a dynamic environment where equipment is frequently moved and can be difficult to locate, impacting project timelines. 

Solution: The robust design and flexible attachment method of the B002 allow it to be used in rugged environments like construction sites. The device’s high RF power and long battery life ensure that equipment can be tracked over large areas and for extended periods without needing frequent battery replacements.

Vehicle Tracking in Logistics

Problem: Logistics companies need to monitor vehicle locations to optimize routes and ensure timely deliveries. 

Solution: The B002 can be used to track vehicles within logistics fleets. With its high transmission distance and durable battery, the device can provide continuous location updates, assisting fleet managers in making informed decisions about route adjustments and delivery statuses.

Vehicle Tracking in Logistics

Pros & Cons Outline


Compact and flexible design allows for easy attachment to a variety of surfaces.

Long battery life and customizable advertisement intervals cater to different needs and use cases.

High transmission range and the use of Bluetooth 5.0 ensure robust performance.

Optional features like movement-based advertising and battery status reporting add versatility.


The battery is non-replaceable, which might be a limitation for some users.

While the device’s form factor is generally an advantage, its thinness and the method of attachment might raise concerns about durability and the risk of detachment or loss in rugged environments.

The Bluetooth Tracking Sticker Label is a highly capable BLE device that offers versatility, robust performance, and ease of use for a variety of tracking applications. Its design and technical features make it an excellent choice for businesses and institutions looking to improve their asset management and operational efficiencies. Despite minor concerns regarding battery replacement and physical durability in certain applications, the B002 stands out as a competitive product in the IoT and asset tracking market.