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Car Tracking in the Dealer’s Parking Lot with Lansitec

Car Tracking in the Dealer’s Parking Lot with Lansitec

Car dealers can enhance management efficiency by tracking their cars in real-time. And cost-effective and reliable automobile tracking solution helps dealers locate their vehicles immediately and reduce the time spent on finding them.

Here’s how dealers can enhance parking lot efficiency with real-time tracking solutions.

Importance of Car Tracking for Dealers

Apart from locating vehicles, car tracking helps reduce the cases of car theft. Over 500,000 cars in the US are stolen every year, the highest in the world. Tracking allows dealers to prevent car theft and recover the stolen vehicle if theft occurs.

It can also help you save big on insurance. Insurance providers will show more confidence in tracking-enabled vehicles and charge lower claims. Hence, you can improve the finances of your dealership.

Car Tracking with Lansitec

Traditionally, dealers have used GPS for vehicle tracking. However, GPS has some limitations. It has less battery life, lacks signal consistency, which could get further affected by tall buildings, storms, and other obstructions.

Beacons have emerged as a better alternative to GPS. They enable location-positioning at a granular scale and gather more intelligence that GPS tracking was lacking.

If you want to leverage beacon tracking solutions for your dealership, Lansitec’s tracking solutions can help. Our wireless and cabling free tracking system that allows dealers to improve management efficiency and customer experience.

Let’s look at the key components of our tracking system.

This enables real-time vehicle tracking and helps increase management efficiency, service quality, and customer experience. Dealers can get updates on vehicle location at any given time and achieve better key tracking as well as other asset tracking.

Contact us and we’ll show you how to integrate our solution into your system no matter it’s in the cloud or on-premise.