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Hospital Asset Equipment and Staff Tracking System with Lansitec

Hospital Asset and Staff Tracking with Lansitec

Hospital asset tracking is an essential aspect of managing hospital facility operations. It allows you to ensure the availability of all the assets and track them if they go unexpectedly missing.

Many healthcare facilities still rely on manual asset tracking, which could adversely affect your staff productivity. Research shows that nurses spend 6,000 hours a month searching for equipment.

As if finding equipment wasn’t challenging enough already, hospitals need to locate staff members as well. If a nurse, pathologist, or pharmacist isn’t available, it can affect a hospital’s operations and patient experience.

Importance of Automated Asset Tracking for Hospitals

Asset and staff tracking solutions can help hospitals take better control of their equipment and people. They can leverage personnel tracking functionality to locate staff members in real-time.

Tracking systems reduce the risk of hoarding, misplacement, and theft of assets. They also come with proximity detection functionality, allowing you to track whether the staff follows safety and hygiene guidelines.

Importance of Automated Asset Tracking for Hospitals

Enhance Hospital Asset Tracking with Lansitec

Lansitec offers end-to-end asset tracking solutions, including B-Mobile Tracking, LoRa Bluetooth Gateway, and Bluetooth Beacons. You can instantly track and locate your assets like beds, trolleys, equipment, and staff members. Hence, you can achieve better management efficiency and enhance your service quality. Enhance Hospital Asset Tracking with Lansitec

Here are the key components of our wireless asset tracking system:

Macro Bluetooth Gateway

Lansitec’s asset tracking solutions help you automate asset and inventory management processes, so you can spend time on more productive work. Our solution integrates with on-premise and cloud systems.

Compact Bluetooth Gateway

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