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Lansitec B-Mobile Tracking Solution Introduction

Lansitec B-Mobile Tracking Solution Introduction

Lansitec B-Mobile solution’s core product, LoRa Bluetooth Gateway, uses Bluetooth 5.0 (BLE mode) and LoRaWAN technology. It receives nearby Bluetooth beacon messages, restructures all data, and forwards them to the LoRaWAN gateway.

It supports a maximum of 100 beacons. The Bluetooth receiving duration and LoRa report interval are adjustable via a downlink command to save power for all the use cases. It is a perfect product for asset and personal management. Below are some of its typical use cases:

  1. Vehicle tracker in a parking lot
  2. Product: Indoor Bluetooth Gateway, Compact Bluetooth Gateway, Solar Bluetooth Gateway

    Attach Bluetooth beacon or tag in the car and deploy some gateways in the parking lot at fixed locations.

    The gateway helps to know the location of the car to improve management efficiency and customer experience.

    The compact Bluetooth Gateway has a built-in 600mAh rechargeable battery and is perfect to use when there is a sudden power outage.

    The solar Bluetooth gateway is deployed towards the sun and can work 24×7 without any additional power source. It is a perfect product for open areas when there is no power connection.

  3. Asset tracking in hospital, warehouse, and office
  4. Product: Indoor Bluetooth Gateway, Compact Bluetooth Gateway, Macro Bluetooth Gateway

    The macro Bluetooth gateway has a built-in 38,000mAh battery pack and works for 4 years (SF7, 80 bytes data, 8s Bluetooth receiving, and 140s report interval).

  5. Headcount in classrooms & offices
  6. Cellphone or Bluetooth tag + Compact Bluetooth Gateway

  7. Data transfer for monitoring.
  8. Bluetooth Temperature Sensor + Compact Bluetooth Gateway for refrigerator temperature monitoring.

    3rd party Bluetooth device data to LoRaWAN data transfer, for example, Bluetooth tools, cellphones, etc.

    The Bluetooth gateway can be vastly used in the following scenarios:

    1. How many assets are there in a specific area?
    2. How many people are there in a room?
    3. How to monitor the temperature in a supermarket refrigerator?
    4. How to transfer a Bluetooth tool’s message to the cloud, especially in an outdoor location or in a big warehouse?

Lansitec B-Fixed solution is combined with trackers, Bluetooth beacons, and LoRaWAN gateway. The tracker turns on Bluetooth receiving when the positioning interval comes. If it receives a Bluetooth beacon, it reports this or these beacons RSSI, major and minor to the cloud. If it can’t receive any beacon, it turns on the GPS for outdoor tracking. Beacons can be deployed indoors or in outdoor spaces.