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Keep your Workers Safe with Lansitec’s Helmet Tracker Sensor

Keep your Workers Safe with Lansitec’s Helmet Tracker Sensor

Smart Helmet Sensor for Industrial Workers

Safety in the workplace is of utmost importance, especially on those big construction sites and factory floors where risks are part of everyday work.

Helmet tracker are a must on those sites, required by law even, but can they be enhanced? Sure! Internet of Things (IoT) sensor devices can be found in most industries these days and LoRaWAN is gaining popularity as one of the major players in the field. Lansitec takes advantage of this new technological field and brings personnel safety to a new level.

Helmets are a must, workers are going to have to wear them no matter what, why not create an extra layer of safety? By adding the Lansitec Helmet Sensor to a helmet, you are transforming it into a smart tracking device that is based on GNSS and incorporates Bluetooth 5.0 and LoRaWAN connectivity in order to further its functionality. With its various features including geolocation, wear and fall detection, a step counter, and several alarm modes, this device is perfect for people and asset tracking and management in industrial settings. It can work in several location modes that allow it to be used for tracking of personnel or assets, geofencing or even rescue missions where its alarm functionality plays a crucial role.

Applications of Smart Helmet Sensors

Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications the Helmet Sensor finds its use on construction sites, factories, plants and distribution centers or more open environments like docks and airports.

It is called a Helmet Tracker because it is designed for easy attachment to a helmet but the device is versatile and can be used in other asset tracking use case scenarios even if those assets are not human.

Still, humans are the most important asset a company has, and keeping them safe is a priority. Ensure that with the Lansitec Helmet Sensor.