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Lansitec Badge Tracker for
Construction Site Employee Tracking

A Comprehensive Review

The integration of GNSS, Bluetooth, and LoRaWAN into a single device presents a significant leap forward in asset management solutions. The Lansitec Badge Tracker, with its robust feature set, stands out as a versatile tool for both indoor and outdoor tracking applications. This product review will delve into the technical specifications, applications, and performance of the Lansitec Badge Tracker, providing a thorough analysis for professionals seeking a reliable solution for personnel and asset management.

Technical Specifications and Features

  • Connectivity and Precision – The Lansitec Badge Tracker utilizes Bluetooth 5.0 and LoRaWAN 1.0.2B protocols, ensuring wide compatibility and efficient power usage. The device supports all LoRaWAN bands, including US915,EU868, AS923 offering flexibility for deployment in various regions. The notable indoor tracking accuracy of 1-3 m and outdoor GNSS precision of less than 2.5 m CEP make it exceptionally reliable for detailed tracking needs.
  • Battery Life and Mechanics – Equipped with a 600 mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery, the tracker promises a long standby time of up to 5 months, depending on the positioning interval settings. This is a critical feature for applications where frequent charging is not feasible. The compact dimensions (97x62x7 mm) and lightweight (28 g) make it unobtrusive and easy to carry or attach to assets.
  • Functionality – The inclusion of a 3D accelerometer enables motion status detection, enhancing battery life by adjusting the tracking frequency based on movement. Features like AES128 encryption, low battery alert, and vibration intensity adjustment underscore the device’s emphasis on security and user experience. Furthermore, the tracker supports NFC, allowing for door access.

Badge Tracker Applications

The Lansitec Badge Tracker is adept at meeting a wide range of tracking needs, from visitor management in corporate environments to monitoring the movement of factory or construction workers. Its ability to switch between BLE and GNSS tracking automatically based on the environment ensures seamless indoor and outdoor tracking. Additionally, its capabilities extend to vehicle tracking, offering a versatile solution for logistics and fleet management. Here’s a list of potential applications and a brief explanation for each:

  • Visitor Management in Corporate Environments – The tracker can be used to monitor visitor movements within a facility, ensuring they remain within authorized areas and helping to enhance security and safety. It facilitates real-time location tracking and historical movement data for analysis.
  • Factory Worker Tracking – Enhances operational efficiency and safety by providing real-time data on worker locations, ensuring personnel are in safe zones, and enabling quick response in case of emergencies or evacuations.
  • Construction Worker Safety and Coordination – Monitors the location of workers across large construction sites to ensure safety compliance, coordinate tasks more efficiently, and rapidly respond to accidents or unsafe situations.
  • Vehicle Tracking for Logistics and Fleet Management – Offers precise tracking of vehicle locations, routes, and operational status, facilitating optimized route planning, asset utilization, and maintenance scheduling.
  • Asset Management in Retail and Warehousing – Tracks high-value assets or inventory within retail spaces or warehouses, providing insights into asset utilization, preventing theft, and optimizing inventory management processes.
  • Healthcare Equipment Tracking – Enables hospitals and healthcare facilities to keep track of critical equipment, ensuring items are readily available when needed and reducing the time staff spend searching for them.
  • School Safety and Student Tracking – Used in educational institutions to monitor the location of students for safety purposes, especially in emergency situations, and to ensure that students are attending classes as scheduled.
  • Agricultural Equipment and Livestock Tracking – Tracks the location and movement of farm equipment and livestock in real-time, helping to maximize the efficiency of agricultural operations and monitor the well-being of animals.
  • Personal Safety for Outdoor Activities – Offers outdoor enthusiasts, like hikers or mountain bikers, a way to share their location with emergency services or family members, enhancing safety during remote activities.
  • Smart City Applications for Public Services – Can be utilized by municipalities to track public service personnel or assets, such as maintenance crews or equipment, improving response times and operational efficiency in urban areas.

Each of these use cases showcases the flexibility and utility of the Lansitec Badge Tracker in addressing a wide range of tracking needs, demonstrating its value in enhancing operational efficiency, safety, and security across diverse applications.

Unique Selling Points

  • Accurate Positioning – With precision tracking indoors and outdoors, the Lansitec Badge Tracker is ideal for environments where accuracy is paramount.
  • Low Operational Costs – The absence of network surcharges due to the use of LoRa technology presents a cost-effective solution for wide-scale deployment.
  • Extended Battery Life – The adjustable tracking frequency, coupled with efficient power management, ensures that the device remains operational for extended periods, reducing maintenance efforts.
    Typical battery life is 3 months, assuming 3 minutes positioning interval for a total of 10 minutes of daily tracking.
  • Robust Feature Set – Support for 3-axis acceleration, geo-fencing, fall detection, and illegal movement alerts make it a comprehensive tool for managing assets and personnel.


The Lansitec Badge Tracker represents a significant advancement in the field of IoT-based tracking solutions. Its blend of GNSS, Bluetooth 5.0, and LoRaWAN technologies, along with a rich feature set, positions it as a compelling choice for professionals in asset and personnel management. Whether for indoor navigation, outdoor tracking, or security-sensitive applications, the Lansitec Badge Tracker offers reliability, precision, and versatility. For organizations looking to enhance their tracking capabilities with a low-cost, high-performance solution, the Lansitec Badge Tracker is undoubtedly worth considering.