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LoRa bands and Network Server Supported.

LoRa bands and Network Server Supported.

Customers often ask us whether our devices support AS923-4 or US915 band 5, or whether they support TTN or AWS. Here is the full list:

Regional Channel plan:

  1. EU868
  2. EU433
  3. US915
  4. AU915
  5. CN779
  6. IN865
  7. KR920
  8. CN470
  9. AS923-1
  10. AS923-2
  11. AS923-3
  12. AS923-4

In all, all LoRaWAN regional channel plans are supported. 😊

Network server:

Chirpstack, TTN, Helium, AWS, Actility, Loriot, Semtech, Everynet, Multitech, Orange, Proximus

In all, all LoRaWAN network servers are supported. 😊