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Universal BLE Payload Filter Release for BLE Gateway

Universal BLE Payload Filter Release for BLE Gateway

There are various Bluetooth sensors in the market: temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, g-sensor, gyroscope, Beacon, lock, etc. Lansitec LoRaWAN Bluetooth gateway is a great option to connect them to the LoRaWAN world.

We are excited to announce our latest Universal BLE Payload Filter is released. It enables you to filter 3 data blocks and report up to 10 data blocks in a BLE payload that a Bluetooth sensor broadcasts. We call it the “Universal Payload Transfer.”

LoRaWAN supports a limited number of bytes per message, and an end-device can report every five seconds. Therefore, you must ensure that every element of data transmitted to LoRaWAN is useful. With this release, you don’t need to perform any firmware update to incorporate your Bluetooth or BLE sensors into our BLE gateway. All you need to do is to send a few downlink commands, and you’re done!

Contact us now if you need help integrating your Bluetooth sensors into your LoRaWAN network.