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Features of Container Tracker and Uses Cases Introduction

  • Accurate outdoor and indoor tracking: The versatile tracker comes embedded with Bluetooth for indoor tracking and GNSS (GPS, Beidou, Glonass) for outdoor tracking. The UUID of the device can be changed to avoid others from influencing yours.

    You can enable/ disable the GNSS to save power if you just need indoor container tracking.

  • Bluetooth tracking: A user may set a longer GNSS report to save power. But, during the report interval, the asset may have travelled in and out of the warehouse several times, resulting in loss of position information. Contact us to know the steps to divide the interval to different Bluetooth receiving stations to track your assets continuously.

  • Flexible location alerts and heartbeat report intervals: Send a command to adjust the interval to track the location of the asset.

  • Duration of movement: The duration for which the tracker moved between set heartbeats. The feature helps to assess how long the machine works daily.

  • Independent approach: The tracker sends position updates occasionally when moving, and no position information is shared while it is static. This enhances the battery life and creates a balance between maintenance and usage.

  • Movement interval: The tracker tracks the time it has moved in the last reported cycle. It helps the user calculate the duration his machine has worked for.

  • Machine and vehicle management: The tracker reports only close Bluetooth beacons or tag information. If several assets have a Bluetooth tag, you can know how many are in close proximity.

  • Temperature: The tracker records and informs the temperature inside. Though it is not a professional temperature sensor, it gives an idea of the overall surrounding temperature.

  • Power switch: You can enable/ disable the switch to avoid people from turning it off.

  • Damage detection: The tracker immediately alerts the server if detached from the magnet. So, if someone plans to damage or steal the tracker, the least possible thing here is that you will know it is no longer in function.

  • Cache location report offline: Every wireless gadget gets offline sometimes, so will a LoRA tracker. However, what makes us better is our container tracker stores recent 40 location messages and sends them to your server as soon as they get online.

  • Battery life: Its 8000mAh battery can send around 60,000 GNSS coordinates to you. The battery has a lifespan of more than 6 years, with a GNSS report every hour.