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The Importance of a Multi-platform Multi-Environment Tracking


Personal Tracking With Helmet sensor

Personal tracking sensors are not a novelty and have been used successfully for years, however in general they are not designed with flexibility of application in mind. In most cases they rely on one technology/feature to provide location data, which makes them suitable for either indoor or outdoor applications. Furthermore, they provide little more than positioning information which is not sufficient for most industrial environments, where advanced metrics are required (especially if we are monitoring people and not assets).

Indoor and Outdoor Poitioning With Helmet Sensor

The Lansitec Helmet Sensor stands out with a set of features that combine in a seamless manner in order to make it suitable for a wide range of applications in both indoor and outdoor scenarios. At the same time, this flexibility in design and functionality does not come at the cost of battery life, increased size or built quality, eliminating any potential downsides that its enhanced functionality can bring.

The Sensor utilizes Bluetooth for indoor location (via Beacons) and GNSS for outdoor scenarios. The positioning data is relayed via LoRaWAN®, which allows for a secure, long range and power efficient communication.

Features of Lansitec Helmet Sensor

Helmet Tracker Sensor for Construction Site Employee Tracking

The Sensor provides additional functionality, so one can specifically configure it to optimize for a particular use -case scenario. For example, it can provide a step count metric, it has fall detection features and can automatically detect if the helmet is being worn. This would make it suitable for an integrated monitoring system on a construction site, where both the location and safety of the workforce is constantly being monitored.

Keep your Workers Safe with Lansitec’s Helmet Tracker Sensor

The aforementioned features coupled with the selection of energy efficient technologies make this an ideal solution for industrial environments where it is paramount to have a well-built device with long lasting battery life that does not suffer dead-spots in coverage whether it is indoors or outdoors and can provide data based on customized set of features.