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Macro Proximity Sensor

Macro Gateway with Alarm


The proximity sensor is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 and LoRaWAN capabilities. When a Bluetooth beacon comes into close proximity, the sensor activates buzzing and flashing. It then transmits the beacon’s ID and received signal strength indicator (RSSI) to a LoRaWAN gateway.

The sensor calculates the distance based on the RSSI between the two devices. Additionally, the proximity sensor functions as a Bluetooth gateway, collecting messages from nearby Bluetooth beacons and forwarding them to the LoRaWAN gateway. Users can adjust settings such as the alarm range, duration, heartbeat message period, beacon report interval, Bluetooth receiving duration, and message payload size.

It has multiple battery capacity options with at least one year battery life.


HVAC systems optimization: The Lansitec Indoor Temperature & Humidity Sensor can be used to monitor and control the temperature and humidity levels in commercial buildings, helping to optimize HVAC systems and reduce energy consumption.

Food storage and processing: The sensor can be used in commercial kitchens, food storage facilities, and processing plants to monitor temperature and humidity levels, ensuring that food is stored and processed at the correct conditions to maintain quality and safety.

Pharmaceutical storage and manufacturing: The sensor can be used in pharmaceutical storage facilities and manufacturing plants to monitor temperature and humidity levels, ensuring that drugs and other products are stored and manufactured at the correct conditions to maintain efficacy and safety.


Quickly locate medical equipment, such as CT machines, X-ray machines, and operating tables. This can help hospitals improve medical efficiency and avoid the loss or damage of medical equipment. Track drug inventory to ensure that drugs are delivered to patients in a timely manner. Help hospitals improve drug management and avoid drug expiration or loss.
Real-time tracking of vehicle location can help enterprises improve vehicle scheduling efficiency and reduce vehicle operating costs.
Personnel tracking protects organizational security by tracking employee access to sensitive areas and assets. This real-time monitoring helps to prevent unauthorized entry, theft, and potential destruction, thereby protecting critical data, devices, and infrastructure.