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LoRa Precision Platinum Sensor

LoRa Precision Platinum Sensor

Lansitec precision platinum temperature sensor is designed based on the advanced LoRa modulation and powered by a lithium battery with 6-year operation time. It is a cost-effective LoRaWAN end device for a variety of application scenarios. Its long operation time offers low maintenance. Therefore, it is ideal for industrial use. The sensor work mode can be adjusted via the LoRa network.

Lansitec sensor family is fully compatible and plug-and-play for the LoRaWAN network operation. Lansitec sensors can also work with Lansitec Wireless Data Transfer Unit (P/N: 100-00175) for low-cost deployment. Please contact us for further information. Context: Busway temperature monitor, gas and fluid temperature monitor

Temperature and Humidity Sensor Use Case Applications:

HVAC systems optimization: The Lansitec Indoor Temperature & Humidity Sensor can be used to monitor and control the temperature and humidity levels in commercial buildings, helping to optimize HVAC systems and reduce energy consumption.

Food storage and processing: The sensor can be used in commercial kitchens, food storage facilities, and processing plants to monitor temperature and humidity levels, ensuring that food is stored and processed at the correct conditions to maintain quality and safety.

Pharmaceutical storage and manufacturing: The sensor can be used in pharmaceutical storage facilities and manufacturing plants to monitor temperature and humidity levels, ensuring that drugs and other products are stored and manufactured at the correct conditions to maintain efficacy and safety.


LoRaWAN Protocol

LoRaWAN 1.0.2B

LoRaWAN Band

US915, AU915, EU868, EU433, AS920-923, AS923-925, RU864, ID920, KR920, IN865, KZ865, CLAA, CN470, CN470-Ali

LoRa Distance


LoRa Sensitivity

SF=7 ≤ -126dBm, SF=10 ≤ -136dBm, SF=12 ≤ -142dBm


Non-chargeable lithium battery 19Ah


Aluminium, 76*46*110mm

Operating Temperature


Storage Temperature


Temperature Range




Operating Humidity




Operating Current

7μA@sleep mode, Max.138mA@20dBm


PT100 platinum RTD, maximum 4 sensors supported, cable length is optional