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Lansitec badge tracker is designed based on GNSS, Bluetooth 5.0 and LoRa technology. It supports indoor and outdoor tracking. The badge is mainly used for personnel and asset management. Its built-in 3-axis accelerator could be used for determining the motion status of the terminal. Therefore, it can help save battery and enhance user experience.

It is suitable for the following use cases: visitor management, factory worker tracking, construction worker tracking, vehicle tracking, worker tracker etc.

Indoor Tracking: Bluetooth, 1~3m precision Outdoor tracking: GNSS, 2.5m precision Geo-fence

3-axis-accelerator, and illegal movement alert are supported

Once the LoRa environment is built, there will be no network surcharge

The positioning interval is adjustable, standby time can be extended to 5 months


Bluetooth Protocol

Bluetooth 5.0

LoRaWAN Protocol

LoRaWAN 1.0.2B

LoRaWAN Band

US915, AU915, EU868, EU433, AS920-923, AS923-925, RU864, ID920, KR920, IN865, KZ865, CLAA, CN470, CN470-Ali

LoRa Distance

>1km in urban area

LoRa Sensitivity

-139dBm @SF12, BW125kHz, 434MHz/470MHz -137dBm @SF12, BW125kHz, 868MHz/915MHz

Bluetooth Distance

~25m sight distance

Indoor Tracking

Bluetooth, 1~3m accuracy

Outdoor Tracking

GNSS, 2.5m accuracy

3D Accelerometer




Low Battery Alert


Vibration Intensity Adjustment


Operating Mode

GNSS coordinates acquisition frequency adjustable, LoRa communication frequency adjustable, Automatic BLE and GNSS tracking switching


600mAh li-ion rechargeable battery

Charging Method

Micro USB

Standby Time

Maximum 5 months



Operating Temperature

-10°C ~ +60°C

Storage Temperature

-40°C ~ +85°C



Operating Current

20μA ~139mA