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How is Bluetooth Bracelet helpful in Reopening Schools Safely?

After many months of work from home post the Covid-19 situation, many teachers and students are returning to school. Considering the life-threatening impact of the pandemic, the top priority for reopening the schools is to ensure the health and safety of students and teachers. The latest technology installed in the Bluetooth bracelets helps in enabling intelligent infection prevention and ensures a safe return to schools. The technology offers intelligent body temperature monitoring at scale, which ensures a safe environment for students and teachers in schools.

An overview of the body-temperature monitoring solution

As schools start to open again, daily body-temperature measurement is not effective only for infection prevention and control but is also an important standard for personal health. The Lansitec Bluetooth bracelet for body-temperature monitoring solution depends on the Bluetooth IoT technology with a Bluetooth gateway and centrally manages the Bluetooth wristband to measure and collect body-temperature data. Only a network system is enough for visual and dynamic management of infection prevention and control in schools.

For instance, this solution alone can centrally manage all Bluetooth temperature measurement wristbands worn by students and teachers. The bracelets will routinely measure the body temperature of students and teachers according to the pre-set time as long as they continue to wear them. This eliminates any manual interference and improves the efficiency of temperature measurement.

Post temperature measurement, the wristband screen displays the data in real-time. Plus, the body-temperature data is simultaneously uploaded to the health-cloud platform through enabled routers fixed on the campus. Following this, a body-temperature account is automatically generated to keep the database updated.

The cloud platform immediately issues a warning on the mobile phones of the parents and teachers, as soon as the system detects a high temperature. This way, the parents and teachers are allowed to take timely measures to tackle the issue in time. Using the Bluetooth positioning technology, the schools can correctly track the movement of close contacts and ensure everyone’s safety around the campus.

How will the schools meet the criteria to reopen with safety?

Since the arrival of Covid-19, many educational authorities have asked schools to implement the policy of body-temperature testing thrice a day or at least, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Since testing the temperature of every student and teacher one-by-one is a time-consuming and laborious exercise to perform every day, it can hamper the teaching routine. Also, testing the temperature manually doesn’t provide a real-time update, which means you can’t rely on the conventional temperature measurement solutions.

To cope with these challenges, Lansitec worked closely to launch a temperature measurement solution based on Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth bracelet excellently resolves the time-consuming method of temperature monitoring and helps control the Covid-19 infection across schools, hospitals, and different enterprises. It not only offers real-time temperature monitoring data but also helps in accurate tracking of close contacts of an infected person, ensuring a safer environment.

Have any schools adopted the solution?

The tech-enabled Bluetooth bracelet has been deployed in many primary and middle schools across different regions around the country. Everyone including teachers, students, and parents has shared their positive feedback about the high-end solution in preliminary use. As more schools continue to reopen, they are expected to adopt and deploy the solution soon.

Role of the Bluetooth technology in this solution

Two crucial roles of Bluetooth technology are:
  1. IoT networking, real-time data collection, and upload of temperature data
  2. The solution enables IoT networking via Bluetooth routers to collect and upload massive data. Therefore, the router is the heart and soul of this temperature measurement system. Without the router, the temperature measurement work will work as a common system. Also, measuring manually and recording the body-temperature will require more time and effort.

    The Bluetooth gateway offers two major advantages. First, you can set a time for temperature measurement and collect data unitedly to compare information from the same temperature-measurement time. Second, a school can set temperature measurements flexibly according to its requirement. When it comes to enabling automatic, intelligent monitoring, data transfer is the most important aspect of data transfer.

  3. High-temperature warning and exposure management
  4. The temperature-measuring platform also features a high-temperature warning mechanism. On detecting high-temperature, the system will immediately display a warning message to help the school quickly screen out the close contacts recorded by the wristbands. The warning not only helps in detecting people that may have Covid-19 symptoms but also in implementing isolation measures promptly to prevent major problems.

Reasons to choose Bluetooth technology in the making of this advanced solution

The foremost factor for Lansitec to choose Bluetooth technology is its technological edge. The advantages like low cost, low power consumption, and interoperability are too important to ignore. In terms of industrial applications, Bluetooth technology is excellent to integrate into any device which significantly helps in extending business.

The role of Bluetooth technology is only increasing around different industries for making advanced solutions, like safety helmets, blood glucose monitors, blood pressure monitors, etc. Therefore, the use of this technology helped in meeting the expected outcomes for the advanced product.

While people were stuck at different places during lockdowns around the world, Lansitec was engaged in developing Bluetooth technology solutions to help different industries in staying safe and getting back to work. The company took various factors into considerations while developing the products. Its solutions have been widely used in industrial IoT, the healthcare sector, and other sections of society.