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Lansitec Empowers Smart Personnel & Asset Management with LoRaWAN

Lansitec Empowers Smart Personnel & Asset Management with LoRaWAN

Lansitec, the company that strives to push the boundaries of IoT, is collaborating with global system integrators to revolutionize smart management in industrial environments.

Introducing The Way of Smart Management

The unprecedented challenges in the past year revealed tremendous demand for viable, low-cost, and easy-to-deploy tracking solutions in plentiful industries. One of the key demands is to achieve this without compromising data privacy. The latest Bluetooth and LoRaWAN technology introduce themselves as an incomparable solution as opposed to traditional methods.

Lansitec witnessed the surge in demand and responded proactively. Driven by the innovative spirit, Lansitec explored the technical possibility of applying LoRaWAN and succeeded in developing a contact tracing badge, in order to assist industries to overcome the obstacles of social distancing and accelerate industry infrastructure production.

Applying LoRaWAN in Broader Context

Lansitec dedicates itself to broadening the use of LoRaWAN in industrial environments, such as integrating smart devices in business infrastructures, to enhance management efficiency. The applicable scenario includes chemical factories, warehouses, production space, and logistics centers.

Furthermore, Lansitec collaborates with leading business partners to march into less known but more promising fields, such as smoothening the user experience of finding cars in large parking facilities and other outdoor scenarios. Seamlessly finding assets in everyday life is a market that has vast potential to uncover. Not only does it improve the user experience, but also reduces the business’s burden to recycle or retrieve assets, which harnesses profit for both parties.

Together with partners who are not afraid to widen the boundaries of LoRaWAN technologies, Lansitec constantly refreshes itself and infusing innovative power to more IoT applications.

Lansitec Joins LoRa Alliance to Promote Global Adoption

LoRaWAN technology has granted Lansitec exceptional drive to facilitate management in smart industries. Lansitec is honored to announce that, since March 2021, Lansitec has joined the LoRa Alliance membership, to promote the standardization and certification of LoRaWAN universally. Participating in purposeful conversations with industry peers allows Lansitec to steer its way into the future of LoRaWAN.

Learn More About Lansitec Reach out to Lansitec if you are looking for a cost-effective tracking solution, a partner within your domain, or simply want to learn more about Lansitec technology.

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