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Sailor & Asset Tracking in a Vessel

Sailor & Asset Tracking in a Vessel


Location tracking of people and assets is particularly important in vessel-related industries and logistics with regard to operation optimization, efficiency enhancement, and safety protection. The current location of sailors, goods and vessels can be browsed on a digital map at any time. A comprehensive asset management platform is established by combining the tracking solution with clients’ own ERP system. The safety of sailors and vessels can also be ensured by setting up a meticulous alarm system, monitoring potential risks to the sailors, and dispatching rescue teams when in emergency.

The following features are included in Lansitec’s tracking system:

  • SOS button
  • Fall detection
  • Precise location tracking (room level)
  • Overstay alarm
  • On-premise server

Location of the Sailors & Vessels

In open water, there could be several hundreds of vessels operating and cruising at the same time. In most situations, finding the location of the sailors on the vessel is way more difficult than finding the vessel’s location. When executing a time-sensitive mission during which cooperation of staff is highly expected, the precise location of the sailors onboard is critical. In extreme cases, the sailor might fall overboard and need immediate rescue. Therefore, more accurate tracking system to monitor the real-time status of the sailors is in high demand, in order to make sure that the sailors are in the correct location and determine whether they need support or not.

Lansitec smart sensors report real-time location information to the gateway periodically according to client-customized settings. The precise location of the sailor can be acquired in real-time, even which room the sailors are in can be displayed on the digital map. The tracking systems can also distinguish which floor the sailor is on to avoid potential interference. Moreover, the tracking system is deployed on on-premise servers. Hence, it does require internet connections. This secures the privacy of clients’ data significantly.

Emergency Alarm & Rescue

The changeable weather conditions and the complexity of operations in open water increase offshore operations’ danger level. There are rapidly growing concerns regarding the safety of sailors coming from our clients.

Faced with surging demands, Lansitec comes up with a smart sensor that can detect the motion status of the user. If the sailor accidentally falls down during oversea operations, the sensor will send out alarm to the control center and trigger an emergency plan to rescue the sailor. The sailor can also manually send a SOS message to the control center if necessary. Far more dangerous use case could be, that the sailor passes out unconsciously and gets stranded in an unknown location. To deal with the dilemma, an alarm will be triggered when long-time overstay is detected. The alarm will be forwarded to the control centre. The monitor will then promptly confirm and determine the next steps.

Offshore Platform Tracking

In vast working fields or working cross platforms, the general location of the vessel does not reveal the operating status of the sailors. For example, in a wind farm where sailors are set out to work on different platforms or wind turbines, the vessel’s location may not match where the sailors are. The sailors could be on the wind plant or on the vessel, or even unfortunately fall into water.

Lansitec’s tracking system displays where the vessels and the facilities are, and most of all, where the sailors are positioned in those places. This saves the time of communicating through talk-phones and improves the efficiency, especially when the sailor are not in condition to communicate among themselves or connecting with control centers.

The Versatile Tracking System

Lansitec tracking solution offers a simple, effective management method to the promising industry. It boosts the productivity of the assets and sailors while ensuring the safety of sailors. The tracking system consists of the following elements:

  • A few LoRaWAN gateways on the vessel
  • One Bluetooth beacon in each room or onboard per requirements
  • One LoRa badge for each sailor

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